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When you go to cafes or bars, you often notice the coffee preparation process: coffee beans start to grind and the coffee aroma spreads out in the room. The coffee is then added to the knob, specially compressed with a certain tool and screwed to the machine – after a few moments you enjoy your delicious coffee. These units are semi-automatic coffee machines. It’s an espresso machine that produces coffee from ground coffee. Coffee machines are for those who like to take part in the preparation of coffee and learn the art of barista. Coffee beans should be prepared before coffee is made. If you do not want to make coffee yourself, choose a semi-automatic coffee machine that uses coffee pod or pad. At the same time, this is a stylish interior design. When choosing a semi-automatic coffee maker, it’s important to know a couple of aspects. If you find Steam Espresso in the function of the machine – it means coffee is produced at a temperature of 100°C, this coffee has a higher caffeine content and a less intense flavor, and if it says Pump Espresso, this means a coffee drink is prepared at a high pressure of 87-95° C. This coffee has a distinct aroma. There are also opinions that if the coffee is a brewed with a metal filter, is is stronger and more delicious. Our assortment includes semi-automatic coffee machines for cafes, offices and homes.