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Koffiemachines voor commercieel gebruik



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To sit in a cafe and enjoy a cup of coffee for most is a pleasure. But this pleasure highly depends on the taste of the coffee. The taste of a perfect coffee depends on accuracy, which is determined not only by barista’s skills and passion. It is only possible to achieve the best result by combining skill and knowledge with the proper equipment. Professional coffee machines designed for cafes are different from those used at home. These industrial coffee machines have increased internal capacities, integrated boilers and are more powerful and therefore able to serve larger customer flows. Also, the commercial coffee machine is designed to give the water a quick boil to the optimum temperature, revealing the best coffee properties.
Most boilers can be manually adjusted. After all, certain types of coffee are better exposed with hotter or, conversely, cooler water. One of the main differences between coffee machines for homes and cafes is the pressure level. Typically, household coffee machines have a pressure system of 15 bar and an industrial bar of 9 bar. These 9 bar pumps are rotary, which makes their design independent of pressure. Professional coffee machines can be fully automated or semi-automatic. Semi-automatic machines do not have integrated coffee grinders. In preparation of the coffee, you will not only have to froth the milk manually, but also ground coffee beans. Automatic coffee machines feature high-quality beverages, with a single button press in a very short time. Our assortment includes coffee machines of various design and function for cafes. Not only will they be able to quickly serve the customers, but also create a cozy atmosphere of the cafe. If you are looking for a coffee machine for a newly opened cafe or restaurant, or if you want to replace the old one with a new one, please contact us. We will find the most suitable professional coffee machine for you.

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