Coffee machine Philips “Minuto Pure Black HD8760/01”

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Soort Automatic
Fabrikant Philips
Gebruik van koffiemachines
Portiekeuze voor zwarte koffie 2
Kan het koffiezetapparaat heet water maken?
Automatisch spoelen
Instelbare hoeveelheid koffie
Druk van de waterpomp 15 BAR
EAN 8710103615569
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About product

Your favourite coffee just by one click of a button? It’s possible with Philips Saeco „Minuto Pure Black“. Simple control and „Memo“ function will guarantee quick and easy high quality coffee preparation. Easy care will help you keep your machine nice and clean as we as guarantee always great taste for your favourite drinks.


Because of this function you can easily program your favourite coffee drinks. Then you’ll have to simply press a button and enjoy your coffee, easy as that!Simple preparation saves your time 🙂


Phillips Saeco „Minuto Pure Black“ coffee machine does not require a lot of care, because it has an automatic rinsing as well as easily removable boiling mechanism. Tray for liquids can be easily washed in the dishwasher, saving your time and reaching the maximum hygiene.


With this Saeco series machine you will feel true Italian coffee perfection. Different coffee should be ground on different levels, so in order to fully serve your needs the grinder integrated into this machine has even 5 grinding functions. For those, who don’t like waiting, we have yet another great thing – quick heating technology will heat up water very quickly. One click of a button and you will enjoy delicious coffee right at your home!

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