Coffee machine Philips “EP4010/00”

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Espresso Lungo


Afmetingen 42.9 × 21.5 × 33 cm
Soort Automatic
Fabrikant Philips
Kleur Black
Gebruik van koffiemachines
Scherm Black/White
Menutaal english
Waterreservoir 1.8 l
Koffiebonenreservoir 250 g
Type melksysteem Manual frother
Type koffiemolen Ceramic
Portiekeuze voor zwarte koffie 2
Kan het koffiezetapparaat heet water maken?
Door de gebruiker aangemaakte dranken 4
Max kop hoogte 152 mm
Automatisch spoelen
Capaciteit koffiedik (porties) 15
Instelbare hoeveelheid koffie
Vermogen 1850 W
Druk van de waterpomp 15 BAR
Diepte 42.9 cm
Hoogte 33 cm
Breedte 21.5 cm
Land van herkomst Romania
EAN 8710103807049
Gewicht 8.1 kg
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About product

Enjoy your favourite coffee drink with just one touch of a button!
With this coffee machine you will be able to prepare four different coffee drinks with just one touch.


Classic milk frother, also known as “Pannarello”, creates steam to make soft milk foam for the most delicious cup of cappuccino. Feel like a real coffee expert—create perfect coffee drinks in a traditional way!


100% ceramic grinder is strong and durable. It will grind your coffee beans precisely and make sure you’re left with the most delicious coffee drink. Unlike grinders from other materials, a ceramic one saves beans from over roasting. This grinder also has even 5 different grinding settings which will allow you to grind favourite coffee beans from the finest grind for impeccable espresso to coarse grind for a lighter coffee drink. Preparing coffee according to individual preferences has never been so easy!


Auto-rinse will keep your coffee machine clean after every cup of coffee.

New and patented Saeco innovation “AquaClean” water filter gives you a chance to use all of your automatic coffee machine’s possibilities. This filter allows you to prepare up to 5000 cups of coffee without descaling. When “AquaClean” filter is integrated, notes about descaling are deactivated automatically. It’s recommended to change the filter every 3 months.

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