Coffee machine Jura “Z6 Diamond Black”

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Afmetingen 45 × 32 × 37.5 cm
Soort Automatic
Fabrikant Jura
Gebruik van koffiemachines
Scherm Colourful
Menutaal english, estonian, german, latvian, lithuanian, polish, russian
Waterreservoir 2.4 l
Koffiebonenreservoir 280 g
Type melksysteem Automatic milk pipe system
Type koffiemolen Steel
Portiekeuze voor zwarte koffie 2
Portiekeuze voor koffie met melk 1
Kan het koffiezetapparaat heet water maken?
Kan het koffiezetapparaat warme melk maken?
Door de gebruiker aangemaakte dranken 10
Max kop hoogte 15 cm
Reinigingsprogramma melksysteem
Automatisch spoelen
Capaciteit koffiedik (porties) 20
Vermogen 1450 W
Druk van de waterpomp 15 BAR
Diepte 45 cm
Hoogte 37.5 cm
Breedte 32 cm
Land van herkomst Switzerland
EAN 7610917152452
Gewicht 12 kg
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About product

With JURA “Z6 Diamond Black”, artificial intelligence is finding a way in coffee machine control and beverage preparation process. The coffee machine identifies personal preferences of every household and adapts the start screen on the 3.5″ TFT display automatically. This and much more makes the JURA “Z6 Diamond Black” a unique and intuitive coffee machine.


“Diamond Black” is designed in a way to accentuate the elegant beauty of this coffee machine. Solid black colour and diamond-sparkling surface creates a sense of depth, so that simply looking at the coffee machine is a pleasure in itself.


JURA “Aroma” coffee grinder, in comparison with other conventional grinders, provides 12.2% more aroma, and consistently higher grinding quality over the entire service time. The perfected grinder geometry achieves optimum grinding curve. As a result, a higher proportion of fine particles in the grounds guarantees perfect flavours.


The newly developed fluid system enables that barista-type beverages of the highest quality to be prepared. Just like in the world’s best coffee shops, hot water is mixed with the coffee automatically after extraction. The result is full-bodied, delicious and easy-to-digest coffee.

With this coffee machine you will be able to prepare even 22 different coffee beverages at the touch of a button.


The beverage preparation system is rinsed with clean water automatically after each coffee beverage preparation. Milk system cleaning can be turned on at the touch of a button.

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