Coffee machine Elektra “Indie Black Stealth”

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Totaal: 353.98



Afmetingen 56.1 × 86.5 × 46.5 cm
Fabrikant Elektra
Kleur Black
Gebruik van koffiemachines
Scherm Touch
Menutaal english
Vermogen 3500 W
Diepte 56.1 cm
Hoogte 46.5 cm
Breedte 86.5 cm
Land van herkomst Italy
EAN 8057013531504
Gewicht 67.5 kg
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About product

Elektra “Indie” – This is the coffee machine that becomes an irreplaceable tool for baristas as it prepares the most delicious coffee drinks!

Using the colorful touch screen display, you will be able to customise all the main functions of the coffee machine. Each group works independently and that allows for preparation of several different coffee beverages at the same time. You are also able to set the temperature of the beverages, the amount of coffee for each drink and infusion time for each group.


It is possible to customise the patented Elektra steam wand pressure from 0.8 to 1.8 Bar, and you can also heat up to 30 litres per hour. Thanks to the automatic milk system you are also able to customise the milk temperature from 50 to 70 C° and set the volume of the milk foam. The machine also has a self-diagnosis for cleaning.


The patented cup warmer will ensure that the most delicious coffee beverages stay at the perfect temperature for even longer. Place the cups on the top of the coffee machine where you are able to reach every cup easily when you need it!

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