Cleaning tablets JURA, 25 pcs.

Specificaties Over het product


Soort Cleaning tablets
Fabrikant Jura
Cyclussen 25
Eenheden in het pakket 25
Land van herkomst Germany
EAN 7610917625352
Gewicht 108 g
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About product

Every JURA coffee machine cleans the coffee brewing part with automatic cleaning program, which is started by a click of a button. JURA research team found exclusive tablet for cleaning, which cleans and protects the machine. During the program grease and the leftovers of coffee grounds will be removed and special active ingredients will cover and protect the parts for future grease and coffee grounds collecting. Result: clean coffee machine, ready to make perfect coffee.

How to use it?

After 180 cups or 80 washes JURA machine will ask you to run the cleaning program. Then simply press a button and start the fully automatic program. Don’t forget to pop in a tablet into the ground coffee container and follow the program (different for different models, check the instructions). Cleaning program runs for around 15 minutes.

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