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The Coffee Belt, or the Bean Belt, is a horizontal strip of land between the Tropics of North and South. Located between 25°N and 25°S, the Coffee Belt surrounds the Equator, passing through Central and South America, Asia, and Africa.


Countries that lie within the belt are characterised by ideal for coffee plantations. Which is why, we created the coffee bean blend from specialty coffee beans by Parallel – for an always perfect coffee taste.


Depending on the continent, we took a subtraction of the highest north and the lowest south parallel of the coffee belt and obtained new coffee blends by Parallels – 12 Ethiopia and Tanzania, 17 India and Papua New Guinea, and 36 El Salvador and Brazil.

Parallel 12

“Parallel 12” coffee beans are grown in Ethiopia and Tanzania.


Coffee beans from these regions are characterised by lightness, which is complemented by tropical aromas of berries, fruit, flowers and delicately scented wine.


Parallel 17

“Parallel 17” coffee beans are grown in India and Papua New Guinea.


Coffee from these regions is characterised by tenderness and sweet notes of cocoa, complimented by aromas of cloves and dried fruit.



Parallel 36

“Parallel 36” beans are grown in El Salvador and Brazil.


Coffee beans from these regions have taste notes of peanut butter, chocolate, flowers or wood, and noticeably rich aroma.