Water filter Brita “Elemaris XL Meter Black”, 3500 ml

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Fabrikant Brita
Capaciteit 3500 ml
Land van herkomst Germany
EAN 4006387083373
Gewicht 1 kg
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About product

With the BRITA “Elemaris XL Meter” you will always have fresh, clean and delicious water at your fingertips. You could pay for delicious water, but why bother with all those bottles? BRITA “Elemaris XL Meter” will provide refreshing, well-flavored water only for a fraction of the price of expensive water bottles.

The “MAXTRA+” technology turns tap water into freshly filtered BRITA water, reducing the amount of lime deposits, chlorine and other substances that ruin the tast and smell of fresh water – you will really feel and smell the difference.

One of the great advantages of BRITA “Elemaris XL Meter” is that each time you use it, you will actively contribute to the reduction of plastic waste.

Filters “MAXTRA+” last for up to 4 weeks.

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