Thermo cup The Mighty Mug “Go Black”

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Soort Thermo cups
Fabrikant The Mighty Mug
Kleur Black
Eenheden in het pakket 1
Capaciteit 470 ml
Diameter 73 mm
Land van herkomst China
EAN 812127015252
Gewicht 357 g
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About product

Mighty Mug is the world’s only travel mug powered by our innovative and patented Smartgrip Technology. Simply place Mighty Mug down on your desk and it creates a powerful airlock which allows Mighty Mug to resist accidental knocks to help avoid spills. When you lift Mighty Mug the pressure is instantly normalized allowing the airlock to release and Mighty Mug to lift naturally. You need to try it to believe it.

No toxic plastic was used in manufacturing process (BPA free).

Cup fits in car cup holder.

Cup height – 22,5 cm.

This mug keeps beverages Warm for 2 hours and Cold for 3 hours.

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