Salted pea snack Chalo “Wasabi Beanworks”, 40 g

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Fabrikant Chalo
Energiewaarde, kJ (100gr) 1527
Energiewaarde, Kcal (100gr) 365
Totaal vet (100gr) 11.4 g
Totaal vet, waarvan verzadigd vet (100gr) 4.2 g
Koolhydraten (100gr) 49.4 g
Koolhydraten, waarvan suikers (100gr) 13 g
Eiwit (100gr) 21 g
Zout (100 g) 1.5 g
EAN 5415331000233
Gewicht 40 g
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About product

Chalo “Wasabi Beanworks” is a yummy mix of soy beans, edamames, black and red kidney beans flavoured with wasabi. Be ready for a real boost of spiciness! This snack will heat your blood. Perfect choice for parties or whenever you want to have a delicious snack. Chalo will make your snacking moments happier and healthier – grab and share with friends!  

INGREDIENTS: soy beans (16,5%), black beans (16,5%), edamame soy beans (16,5%), red beans (16,5%), corn starch (13,7%), modified corn starch (11%), soy bean oil (10,7%), sugar (7,9%), wasabi powder (2%), salt (0,7%). May contain traces of sesame and nuts.

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