Salted pea snack Chalo “Black Pepper Chickpeas”, 40 g

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Fabrikant Chalo
Energiewaarde, kJ (100gr) 1682
Energiewaarde, Kcal (100gr) 402
Totaal vet (100gr) 6.6 g
Totaal vet, waarvan verzadigd vet (100gr) 3.1 g
Koolhydraten (100gr) 71.6 g
Koolhydraten, waarvan suikers (100gr) 15.9 g
Eiwit (100gr) 14.6 g
Zout (100 g) 1.5 g
EAN 5415331000257
Gewicht 40 g
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About product

Forget about hummus, because Chalo created new yummy snack with chickpeas, flavoured with black pepper. Not only tasty, but full with healthy protein. Chalo snacks are perfect as an appetizer for your parties and whenever you want to have a delicious and nutritious snack. Chalo will make your snacking moments happier and healthier – grab and share with friends! 

INGREDIENTS: chickpeas (61,4%), corn starch (12,6%), modified corn starch (10%), sugar (7,2%), palm oil (7,2%), ground black pepper (0,9%), salt (0,6%), soy bean oil (0,1%). May contain traces of nuts. 

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