Espresso cup Kahla “Five Senses touch! Blue”, 90 ml

Specificaties Over het product


Soort Espresso cups
Fabrikant Kahla
Kleur Blue
Eenheden in het pakket 1
Capaciteit 90 ml
Materiaal Porcelain
Diameter 55 mm
Land van herkomst Germany
EAN 4043982154299
Gewicht 113 g
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About product

First in the world porcelain cups with soft, velvety strip – not only for pleasant taste, but also for the touch! This strip adds extraordinary looks for the cups, also keeps your fingers safe from hot cup walls and keeps the drink hot for longer. Cups were tested multiple times and can be easily washed in the dishwasher and used in the microwave. It’s very enjoyable to hold them in the hand and one-of-a-kind design surely looks eye catching. Drinking out of gorgeous cups makes the whole process even more enjoyable! 

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