Edible coffee bar “Coffee Pixels Cascara”

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Fabrikant SIA Solid Coffee
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Land van herkomst Latvia
EAN 4751030160016
Gewicht 10 g
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About product

Edible coffee bars “Coffee Pixels Cascara” are made from coffee beans and the “flesh” of the coffee cherry called “Cascara”. This energising bar has a light, fruity taste, leaving grapefruit notes in the aftertaste.

The amount of caffeine in one coffee bar can be compared with a cup of espresso (50 mg.). As an edible source, caffeine will be absorbed slower, giving a longer lasting effect. These coffee bars have even more antioxidants than green tea or blueberries, because whole beans are used during the manufacturing process. Natural cocoa butter found in the listed ingredients ensures smoother digestion, allowing your body to fully absorb all antioxidants and undamaged fats.

Edible “Coffee Pixels” bars contain from 15 to 22% of useful dietary fiber, which is responsible for the right amount of good bacteria in the gut.

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