Coffee machine Sanremo “Roma TCS” two groups

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Totaal: 353.98



Soort Semi-automatic
Fabrikant Sanremo
Gebruik van koffiemachines
Type melksysteem Manual frother
Kan het koffiezetapparaat heet water maken?
Bediening Manual
Land van herkomst Italy
Gewicht 87 kg
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About product

Elegance highlighted by sharp lines, a new effective technology, TCS System assuring a constant and stable heat level, Bluetooth System to control from a distance – all this and more with the coffee machine Sanremo “Roma TCS”.

The result of a line composition, captivating the eye with the charm of a perfectly accomplished project – that is “Roma”. The backlit details complement and enhance its’ shape, making “Roma” a true design icon.

In addition to the lines and the geometry of this sturdy machine, its’ mainstay and strength is the TCS (Temperature Control System) technology. This cutting-edge technology consists of a dedicated boiler for each brewing group and an electronic control with a sensitivity of ±0.5°C, which ensures accuracy and stability at very high temperatures. A constant temperature is thus ensured in any working condition: at times of greater intensity, by fully exploiting all the potentials of the machine, such as the water dispensing temperature (which can be adjusted individually for each unit) and, at times of lower activity, in which units not used at that moment can be deactivated individually, with significant energy saving for the user.

Two group coffee machine’s technical features:

– 2 steam wands.
– 1 water tap.
– 1 one-cup portafilter.
– 2 two-cup portafilters.

Additional technical features:

– LED lighting for the control panel.
– Double reading gauge, which allows the check-up and control of both the boiler pressure and the brewing pressure at the same time.
– Adjustable cup-heater temperature.

Colors: black, white/black.

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