Coffee machine Saeco “Phedra EVO Espresso”

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Afmetingen 50.8 × 39.3 × 69.5 cm
Soort Vending
Fabrikant Saeco
Kleur Black
Gebruik van koffiemachines
Scherm Colourful
Menutaal english
Capaciteit koffiedik (porties) 50
Vermogen 1550 W
Diepte 50.8 cm
Hoogte 69.5 cm
Breedte 39.3 cm
Land van herkomst Italy
EAN 8016712034228
Gewicht 36.5 kg
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About product

Phedra EVO – universal, functional semi-automatic vending coffee machine, which should be placed on the worktop. Ideal choice for places with medium customer flow.


The size of this machine can be compared to home-use machines. This makes Phedra EVO incredibly compact and versatile, you can fit it almost everywhere: on the table, on the work top, in the cupboard or in a specialized work top for coffee machines. 


Choosing a drink has never been this easy – comfortable menu with touch-sensitive buttons, clear icons and wide – even 8.9 cm diagonal colourful screen. Clean and clear control panel style makes it very easy to understand all the drink options. Metal grid for cup adds unique look for the machine. Despite the small size, Phedra EVO can offer a great selection of delicious drinks – traditional black coffee, drinks with milk (prepared with milk powder or fresh milk) like cappuccino, hot chocolate and hot water for tea.


Cup tray can be adjusted (two height options), so you can use cups of any size. Phedra EVO Hot water dispenser and milk frother can be elongated for more comfortable use and better milk frothing. Functionality and great aesthetics makes Phedra EVO a perfect solution for elegant space, where every detail matters. Coffee break for your pleasure!

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