Coffee machine Magister “Stella Pofessional”

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Totaal: 353.98



Afmetingen 47.5 × 28 × 36 cm
Fabrikant Magister
Kleur Stainless steel
Gebruik van koffiemachines
Scherm None
Vermogen 1400 W
Diepte 47.5 cm
Hoogte 36 cm
Breedte 28 cm
Land van herkomst Italy
EAN 637230976180
Gewicht 20 kg
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About product


“Stella Professional” has the famous E61 group – gold standard for espresso coffee machine for over 50 years. The head of this group is heated with thermosiphon, which circulates hot water and keeps the temperature up. The head is controlled by lighting the lever, which activates the pump and opens up the solenoid valve, so the coffee could run freely. When you have the desired amount of coffee, lower the lever and it will stop running.


Triple solenoid valve stops the pressure and takes out water from the group once you stop making espresso. This means that you can instantly remove the handle, refill it and put it back in for another round of espresso.  

More specifications:

Chromed group with a handle.

Polished stainless steel body.

Copper boiler, automatic refill tool, mounted manometer.

Sensor to control over-heating.

Automatic turn off with sound signal, when there’s not enough water.

Protecting valve.

Copper pipes, brass parts.

Thermally separated steam and hot water frothers.

Outer brass taps with chrome details. Steam and water handles with chrome tops.

Mechanical pressure setting.

Autonomously fill-up valve.

Valve that does not allow the stream to get back.

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