Coffee machine Magister “Kappa Leva”

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Totaal: 353.98



Afmetingen 53.5 × 79.5 × 78 cm
Fabrikant Magister
Kleur Stainless steel
Gebruik van koffiemachines
Scherm None
Vermogen 4500 W
Diepte 53.5 cm
Hoogte 78 cm
Breedte 79.5 cm
Land van herkomst Italy
Gewicht 87 kg
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About product

Stainless steel body.

Mechanical preparation group.

Two steam frothers.

One water spout.

Button to control the boiler (by hand).

Window to check the water level.

Large water heater, easy to check and care after.

Anti-suction valve.

Protective thermostat for electric elements.

2 groups option:

Dimensions (HxDxW): 78 x 50 x 74.5

Water tank: 13.5 l

Amount of frothers: 2

Power: 4500 W

3 groups option:

Dimensions (HxDxW): 78 x 56 x 101

Water tank: 16 l

Amount of frothers: 2

Power: 6000 W

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