Coffee machine LaSpaziale “S40 Seletron TA”, two groups

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Totaal: 353.98



Soort Semi-automatic
Fabrikant LaSpaziale
Gebruik van koffiemachines
Waterreservoir 10 l
Type melksysteem Manual frother
Bediening Manual
Diepte 560 mm
Hoogte 680 mm
Breedte 845 mm
Land van herkomst Italy
Gewicht 90 kg
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About product

LaSpaziale “S40 Seletron Take Away” technical features:

– Electronic coffee machine with automatic dosing functions.
– Electronic boiler temperature control.
– Controllable thermal differential 0,5°C.
– Digital boiler pressure sensor.
– Digital water supply pressure sensor.
– Digital water pump pressure sensor.
– Built-in volumetric pump.
– Electronic visualization and water level control inside the boiler.
– Automatic system disconnect from electricity and water supply in the event of a malfunction.
– ECONOMY function.
– Manual and automatic BOOST Function.
– Self-compensation of the boiler’s operating temperature based on the external ambient temperature (equipment dissipation level control).
– EGS Function (Electronic Grounds System).
– 5 programmable cup warming tray settings using electronic temperature control.
– Sensor-based coffee coarseness control with a warning system.
– Signal for a grind that is too fine.
– Programmable timer for automatic on/off switch.
– ITC function of the latest generation.
– Machine group and boiler washing cycles.
– Exclusive access to programming of the machine through a Service Card protected by a PIN code.
– The ability to back up and restore system parameters using the Service Card.
– Chronologic record of all the past alarms sorted by time and date.
– Chronologic record of all the technical service operations sorted by time and date.
– Hot water outlet for infusions with 2 programmable selections (one with adjustable temperature).
– Scheduled maintenance interval control with a warning system.
– Cartridge filter replacement sensors with a warning system.
– Chronological record of programming procedures, possibility to assign a personalized ID to each technician.
– Backlit graphic main display.
– Displays on each of the coffee delivery groups indicating process and time left.
– Software update installation capabilities using a Secure Digital (SD) memory card.
– Customer Card for access to the menu for the user of the machine.
– Lighting of the groups.

There are five colour options for this machine: burgundy, champagne, silver, black, or white.

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