Coffee machine JURA “WE6”

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Bereidbare recepten

Espresso Ristretto


Afmetingen 44.4 × 29.5 × 41.9 cm
Soort Automatic
Fabrikant Jura
Kleur Black
Gebruik van koffiemachines
Scherm Colourful
Menutaal english, estonian, german, latvian, lithuanian, polish, russian
Waterreservoir 3 l
Koffiebonenreservoir 500 g
Type melksysteem None
Type koffiemolen Steel
Portiekeuze voor zwarte koffie 2
Portiekeuze voor koffie met melk 0
Kan het koffiezetapparaat heet water maken?
Door de gebruiker aangemaakte dranken 4
Max kop hoogte 15 cm
Reinigingsprogramma melksysteem
Automatisch spoelen
Capaciteit koffiedik (porties) 25
Instelbare hoeveelheid koffie
Vermogen 1450 W
Druk van de waterpomp 15 BAR
Diepte 44.4 cm
Hoogte 41.9 cm
Breedte 29.5 cm
Land van herkomst Portugal
EAN 7610917151141
Gewicht 10 kg
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About product

Whenever there’s an opportunity for clients, colleagues or customers to enjoy a cup of delicious, high quality coffee, the atmosphere becomes relaxing, it’s suddenly easier to communicated, productivity increases. Coffee sets our minds free and stimulates creativity. Each work place should have a coffee machine. The new WE6 is a true expert that can make a great selection of classic coffee drinks.


WE6 offers 8 different coffee recipes. JURA mastered the coffee preparation in small amounts and basically turned WE6 into a real barista. 6 level Aroma G3 grinder guarantees that your beans are perfectly ground, saving the freshness and aroma for a perfect cup of coffee. You can use from 5 to 16 grams of ground coffee – each cup will be prepared perfectly. P.E.P.® (The Pulse Extraction Process), which was developed by JURA, optimises ground coffee and water connection time. Preparing ristretto or espresso, this technology pushes the water through ground coffee in short, pulsing intervals.  


P.E.P.© coffee preparation block serves hot water very quickly by impulse method over the freshly ground beans. This way the taste and aroma can open up better.  .


Choose your desired drink and notice how your machine starts working – the beans are being ground. This is the very start when creating a delicious cup of coffee. That’s why Jura integrated high quality conical grinders with stainless steel blades, which are very reliable and will serve a long time. Aroma G3 blades spin slower, that’s why the beans are never over-roasted, avoiding the burnt flavour and smell and saving the true coffee aroma.


Cleaning and hygiene are crucial at work places, that’s why integrated rinsing and cleaning programs will be very useful. Using JURA care tools will guarantee perfect hygiene for your machine by one click of a button.


Since the needs vary depending on the situation, WE6 integrated a programming option to serve all of your needs. The amount of ground coffee and water can be programmed according to everyone’s personal preferences. Adjustable coffee spout allows to enjoy the drink in your favourite cup, doesn’t matter if it’s small or large.

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