Chocolate tablet Galler “White Matcha Tea”, 1 pc.

Specificaties Over het product


Soort chocolade Tablet
Fabrikant Galler
Energiewaarde, kJ (100gr) 2338
Energiewaarde, Kcal (100gr) 559
Totaal vet (100gr) 36 g
Totaal vet, waarvan verzadigd vet (100gr) 21.6 g
Koolhydraten (100gr) 50.4 g
Koolhydraten, waarvan suikers (100gr) 47 g
Eiwit (100gr) 8.2 g
Zout (100 g) 0.3 g
Eenheden in het pakket 1
Land van herkomst Belgium
EAN 5412038129304
Gewicht 80 g
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About product

Matcha is a powder made from the prestigious Japanese green tea called Tencha. The unquestioned star of the tea ceremony, it is reputed for its strength and tonicity. Its surprising green colour is totally authentic and natural. It evokes the energy, liveliness and originality for which the tea is reputed. The combination with the sweetness of white chocolate and the lovely crispiness of puffed rice creates a completely new ritual. Go green!

Ingredients: white chocolate 23% cocoa min. (sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring), cocoa butter, crunchy cereal 4% (rice flour, sugar, salt, cocoa butter), Matcha tea 2%. May contain: nuts, eggs and wheat (gluten).

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