Cereal bar Chalo “Sesame & Cranberry”, 32 g

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Fabrikant Chalo
Energiewaarde, kJ (100gr) 1921
Energiewaarde, Kcal (100gr) 459
Totaal vet (100gr) 26.3 g
Totaal vet, waarvan verzadigd vet (100gr) 4.4 g
Koolhydraten (100gr) 43.4 g
Koolhydraten, waarvan suikers (100gr) 26.8 g
Eiwit (100gr) 12.2 g
Zout (100 g) 0 g
EAN 5415331000219
Gewicht 32 g
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About product

Organic Chalo cereal bar with sesame and cranberries will give you a powerful boost of energy. Sesame seeds are high in magnesium and full of vitamins and minerals. Perfect sweet for every day. Grab one and move mountains! 

Chalo offers delicious and healthy snacks, made only from healthy ingredients, dried fruits and nuts. Full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Chalo snacks are perfect as an alternative to usual sweets. Vegan friendly. 

INGREDIENTS: white sesame seeds (56,8%), maltose (22,7%), sugar (17%), cranberries (3,5%). May contain traces of soy, peanuts and other nuts.

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