Book “Coffee Obsession”

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Fabrikant DK
Materiaal Paper
Hoogte 236 mm
Breedte 203 mm
Land van herkomst United Kingdom
EAN 0646847409158
Gewicht 816 g
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“Coffee Obsession“ is a book dedicated to all the coffee lovers seeking to make the highest quality cup of coffee at home. In this book you will find not only great advice on preparing your perfect cup of coffee, but also many different recipes to diversify the coffee drinking ceremony. Roasting, grinding, silky cappuccino foam techniques, latte art possibilities, the making of Irish coffee, and even hundred other coffee preparation recipes in one book—become a real coffee expert, and enjoy perfect tasting coffee every day.

Prepare for a journey through the life of coffee bean, learn about the harvest seasons, and various roasting methods of different origin coffee beans.

The book is published in English.

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