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Blender Blendtec “Professional”

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Afmetingen 20.4 × 17.8 × 38.1 cm
Soort Blenders
Fabrikant Blendtec
Kleur Black
Extra features Automatic shut-off
Vermogen 1560 W
Diepte 20.4 cm
Hoogte 38.1 cm
Breedte 17.8 cm
Land van herkomst Germany
Gewicht 3 kg
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About product

Home blender Blendtec „Professional“ – for easier everyday cooking. Powerful, ready to work on different function, simple control – this blender will quickly become a key piece in your kitchen!


Elegant, stainless steel base, powerful motor, possibility to mount into the countertop, soft, touch sensitive buttons, speed control buttons “up”, “down” guarantee – this „Professional“ series blender will transform your kitchen into a professional cooking space. You will easily make cold ice or juice drinks, ice cream, ice smoothies, cappuccino and other drinks, as well as different sauces, fillings and even doughs for baking!


„Professional“ series blenders have a special one-button-technology – one click of a button ordinary mode will automatically control the speed and turn-off when the cycle is over. This way everything is precisely blended.  

Standard set has 2 “FourSide” jugs and “Vented Lid” lid with a hole.

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