Koop er 1, krijg er 1 GRATIS
Koop er 1, krijg er 1 GRATIS

You love coffee? Want to help expand coffee culture? Join our wonderful team! Coffee mates knows all about coffee and coffee machines, gives friendly advice to the clients, answer their questions, reply to e-mails, manage orders, write interesting blog posts, laugh together, and chat over a cup of coffee. We are looking for mates with desire to improve and grow in our team.

Who are we and what do we do?

Here at The Coffee Mate we sell delicious, high-quality coffee and coffee machines. We have walk-in stores in several countries. On top of that, we have multiple e-shops as well. As specialists in the world of coffee machines—we always have the best tools to prepare delicious drinks for fellow coffee lovers!

We are growing together with the quickly changing and constantly expanding coffee culture. We are always looking for passionate, dedicated, coffee-loving people to join our team.

Feel like you could join? Have questions? Don’t hesitate, let’s chat!
E-mail us: [email protected]