11+ jaar ervaring | > 1 miljoen tevreden klanten | 200 000+ kg koffie per jaar

Hello dear Coffee Mate!

We are so happy that you are interested not only in tasty coffee or high-quality coffee machines, but in us, people who are hiding behind the Coffee Mate’s name, too. Coffee Mates answer your calls, take care of your orders and give sincere advice when you need it.

Why are we here?

The main reason is that we all love coffee! And we love it a lot. We drink about 100 cups of espresso in shops & 50 more cups in headquarters daily. We give away hundreds of lattes, cappuccinos & black coffees to our lovely customers like you every day! That’s why we know so much about coffee machines, coffee types & things like that. But knowledge without sharing is nothing, so we want to give you as much information and tips as we can, so that your time spent with coffee could be worth it.

How do we work?

You know, we have only one simple rule: we take care of our clients like true mates! When you do it honestly, everything else falls into place. Try it! Take care of someone else as if it was you and you’ll see 🙂  That’s why we have such great and high-quality client support. Maybe this is the reason why people love to call and simply talk with us. And maybe that’s why they listen to our advice and enjoy perfect coffee every single day, just like we do. 🙂

What have we achieved?

We started as a small e-shop with two people some time ago. But regarding our clients’ needs, we grew and changed. We launched several e-shops and opened walk-in shops in different countries for you. With your help we expanded our assortment to more than 200 different models of coffee machines, 50 kinds of coffee, lots of accessories and maintenance products. Isn’t this great? It is! And we couldn’t do it without you—true coffee lover! Thank you!

So, when will you take a moment to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee?