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Freshly ground coffee beans ensures freshness of your coffee, designed for those who appreciate real luxury. Our coffee beans are not superficially aromatized and all aftertastes are natural. Even though coffee beans can be identified by their aroma notes: traditional Italian, exotic Brazilian, historical Ethiopia and other well known afterstastes from all the world, three most important ant popular coffee bean types remains: arabica, liberica, robustas. While looking for perfect coffee taste, it is important to know that they are different not only by their shape, but also their taste. Arabica coffee beans have more mild taste and has sweeter mix of sugar, berries and fruits, but preserves sourness of wine, differently from robusta. Robusta has a strong taste of nuts and wheat, adding a bitter atftertaste. Liberica has quite simple aroma, so it is used to make instant coffee. For those looking for unconventional taste we offer coffee blends from various beans, which are matched so that every one of them enrich each other with rich and harmonic aroma. This is how new thick, bright and sweet coffee tastes with chocolate or honey are made. In our shops you can find only the highest quality coffee beans, it is guaranteed by most famous coffee roasters in the world. Here you can find you new favourite tastes, cheers!