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Pod coffee machines are one of the most convenient choices for making coffee – a fast result that does not require much effort. Prepare your coffee with the touch of a button. Their principle of operation is similar to that of capsules: using low pressure, water flows through the coffee. But the peculiarity of pod coffee machines is that these machines only use coffee pods. Coffee, which is well formed and compressed, is an essential ingredient. Due to the automatically and accurately shaped pod, in which the coffee is squeezed evenly, the water gets a real coffee aroma; otherwise, the water may have a slight coffee flavor or taste. The main difference between coffee pods and pads is the shape – the pads are round and fairly soft, and the pods are egg oval and the filter paper is stronger and thicker. It is convenient that there is no need to further measure and grade the amount of coffee to be prepared. These coffee machines are innovative – most models are constantly updated and can be used even without direct contact with electricity. There are different sizes and designs, which makes it easy to fit both at home and at the office. Pod coffee machines are a quick way to prepare a coffee – you just have to put the coffee pod in the preparation handle, and then throw it out after making the coffee. Fast, convenient and tasty.