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Nespresso coffee capsules are an excellent choice for those who like espresso or coffee with milk drinks. Now it’s the most popular fast-paced espresso coffee maker on the market. The principle of this Nespresso is the same as that of capsule coffee machines: by inserting a coffee capsule into the coffee machine and pressing the button, the capsule is pierced and the hot water flowing through it is filled with coffee aroma under high pressure. However, capsules are part of a closed system, which means that you will only be able to use Nespresso coffee capsules with the selected Nespresso capsule coffee machine. These capsule devices were developed by Nestlé Nespresso. Since the 20th century, these capsules are suitable for those who adore the taste of a real espresso coffee. This special technology preserves the freshness of the coffee for a long time, because coffee is compressed into capsules hermetically. The appearance of capsules of Nespresso coffee machines and other capsules is similar: the body is made of plastic, and the lid is made of aluminum. Each capsule contains 5-6 g of ground coffee per standard 40 ml. Espresso or more for lungo or ristretto coffee beverages. Nespresso’s capsule coffee machine is a compact choice for small offices and a great ergonomic alternative to the kitchen. When selecting your Nespresso coffee machine, you should pay attention to the size of the water tank, the cappuccino type and the differences in the size and design of the machine itself. Nespresso will be loved by those who like delicious coffee and do not want to worry about the coffee grounds!