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Melitta coffee machines are the products of the German family company. The success story of this company began in 1908. Housewife Melitta Bentz has been experimenting and looking for a way to drink unheated coffee – she created the first coffee filter. After using a brass cup and placing a sheet of paper with a hole, she put the pot with coffee and hot water. This two-part filtering system now reminds us of a typical filter coffee machine. In the same year, she founded her company. For centuries, the main goal of this company is the perfect coffee flavor. The main feature of the company is its innovation and willingness to introduce new products to people, facilitating and improving their daily lives. The focus is also on filters. This woman believed that we can achieve results only by trying and fostering traditions. Although Melitta is distributed worldwide, both in America and Asia, quality traditions follow it everywhere. Traditions can be seen in increasingly renewable coffee machines, which preserve the classic design, replicating details and elements. At the moment, it’s a big Bentz family-owned coffee machines, paper coffee filters and coffee maker. Also, throughout Europe, this name is recognized as the best European coffee flavor in every cup. Coffee machines Melitta – it’s German quality, reliability, minimalist delicate design.