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Italian Lelit coffee machines are professional and innovative. These coffee machines are manufactured and designed by the Italian Lelit family. Lelit coffee machines are manufactured using technical and advanced research. Lelit is one of the leading manufacturers of espresso machines. Details, design, technology, service and maintenance are the key to future prospects. Each Lelit espresso machine is designed to provide a temperature and pressure that will create a perfect and exclusive taste. Enjoy not only the result, but also the process of preparing the coffee. Lelit coffee machines have been designed to meet the needs of every coffee lover, making the use of the coffee machine simple and enjoyable! Designed according to traditional professional patterns and customized for your home. Coffee machines are tailor-made so that every coffee lover can learn the art of coffee making: easy to make espresso, american coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato. 50’s style inspired Lelit’s coffee machines feature elegant stainless steel surface lines and exclusive details that decorate your home. Lelit coffee machines are designed to preserve an environment, which means that these machines are manufactured using recycled materials. With Lelit’s semi-automatic coffee machines, you will enjoy a real Italian espresso coffee, and experiment with a change in attitude to coffee production.