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Constantly in a hurry, but very fond of delicious coffee? Capsular machines easily and quickly produce a cup of flavored coffee – you just have to put a coffee capsule in the coffee maker with the chosen coffee type, press the button and you can enjoy instant coffee. Coffee capsules are small sealed plastic wrapping with an aluminum foil lid. It should be noted that these capsules are different from coffee pads or pods. One of the main differences is the use of capsules for use with high pressure capsule machine. Most commonly, these capsules form part of a closed or open process. The open system allows the coffee machine to use other capsule products, as the majority of manufacturers capsules are compatible with the operation of the coffee machine, and closed-cup capsules are adapted only to capsule Nespresso machines. These coffee capsules are a blend of a suitable amount of coffee in a disposable package to get the right strength and easy to make not only the traditional black coffee cup, but also the perfect foam cups: cappuccino or latte. One coffee capsule is designed to make one cup of coffee. The principle of making capsule coffee machines is analogous to coffee machines: the capsule is inserted and the button pressed, the coffee capsule breaks through and it is pressurized by hot water. After that, you just have to throw away the used capsule, you do not need to clean or handle anything – simple, convenient, quick and tasty. The size of the capsule coffee machine is so small and practical that you can easily transport your coffee machine from your home to any place you want – and take it on holiday to the farmstead. Also, due to the abundance of capsules offered by the manufacturers, you will enjoy both children and the most selective coffee. Certain capsules manufacturers also produce cocoa and cold tea capsules. In our range, we recommend the most well-known and time-tested capsule devices using NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto®, Nespresso and ILLY capsule systems.