How to descale your coffee machine?

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Let‘s talk about descaling! A coffee machine, just like any other appliance, will do its job best (in this case, prepare delicious coffee) only if you take good care of it. We want to teach you how to take care of your coffee machine, so that you’d never face the day when your coffee machine breaks down from limescale, and stops preparing your favourite drinks.
Questions we always get from you about descaling:

  • How often to perform?
  • Which products to use?
  • How to do it the right way?

Don‘t worry – it‘s a lot easier than it sounds!

Siemens coffee machine. The Coffee MateWhen should you descale?

Coffee machines that have an automatic notification function, will let you know when to descale.

Machines that don‘t have this function should be descaled after every 200-300 cups of coffee.

Tip: if you‘re not quite sure if your coffee machine will let you know about necessary descaling, open the manual, or simply ask us—coffee mates know these things and are ready to help!

Which descaling products should you use?

Different manufacturers have different maintenance products. It is recommended to stick to the brand, since different manufacturers produce care products created specifically for their brand. Chemical concentration usually varies from brand to brand, therefore it‘s best to stick to the brand of your machine.

Find the right products for your machine here.

Tip: do not use products that are not indicated for coffee machines! Coffee machine‘s water pipes are not adapted for other detergents, which could lack the concentration to properly clean the machine, or could even damage the machine and end up ruining the flavour of your coffee drinks. Let‘s be honest—vinegar flavoured coffee does not sound very appetising, does it?

How to descale your coffee machine?

If there‘s a notification on your coffee machine asking for descaling, or you already prepared 200-300 cups of coffee, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your coffee machine.
  2. Take out the water tank, rinse it and fill it up with water. Add a decaling tablet or pour your descaling liquid in the water. You‘ll find required amount on the packaging or in your coffee machine‘s manual.
  3. Wait for descaling tablets or powder to fully dissolve.
  4. Add the water tank back in the machine, and turn the machine on.
  5. Further steps depend on your coffee machine. If the machine has an automatic descaling program—simply start the program and wait till the job is done. If there‘s no such program, follow further steps.
  6. Prepare a cup of coffee, without coffee, of course.
  7. Allow the descaler to do the job. Wait around 15 minutes.
  8. Prepare another cup. Wait around 10 minutes.
  9. And another cup…this time wait 5 minutes. Keep on going till the water tank is empty.
  10. Turn the machine off. Take out the water tank, rinse it and fill it up with clean water. Prepare a few cups of coffee and spill it out to rinse the system.

Tip: don’t use a separate dish to mix together water and descaler, simply do it in the coffee machine’s water tank—when descaler foams up, even the smallest parts of your water tank will get cleaned as well!

Finally, prepare yourself a big, delicious cup of coffee, because the job is done!

Coffee. The Coffee Mate

Your machine is ready to use and make delicious coffee again. This procedure helps clean the system from limescale, as well as maintains your machine‘s reliability and perfect coffee flavour. When was the last time you descaled your coffee machine? If it has been a while, you should do it as soon as possible. Do not forget to take care of your coffee machine, and it will not forget to treat you with delicious coffee for years!