Chit-chat with Coffee Mate Laura

WHO: Laura Balockaite, Country Manager UK/DE/AT


COFFEE: Caprissimo “Fragrante”

COFFEE DRINK: Black coffee with cinnamon

PREPARATION METHOD: Nespresso, Moka and bean-to-cup coffee machine

COFFEE (for me) is: a pause

Your first coffee experience?

Wow! It’s truly hard to remember exactly, because it was a long time ago. My parents were very serious coffee enthusiasts so there was always more than plenty of coffee at home. As a child I remember thinking that coffee was a magical drink – especially because it was forbidden to drink. Years later, when I was around school age, I asked for a sip of my mom’s coffee – it was a traditional pour-over with three or even four scoops of coffee, quite intense. My first thought was – this is a tragedy! I could not understand how it was possible to drink that strange-tasting fluid. I remember that emotion and flavour very clearly, as if it was yesterday.

How many cups of coffee do you usually drink per day?

Mostly I drink three cups – traditionally two cups before lunch and then one after, which is more like a dessert. Usually I drink black coffee, but the third cup tends to be with foamed milk, more like a sweet treat after lunch.

caprissimo-fragranteWhat is your favourite Coffee mate’s coffee and why?

It’s one of the most popular Coffee Mate’s beans among our clients and colleagues – the Caprissimo “Fragrante”. It has a good balance of various tastes – a perfect combination of sweetness, bitterness and acidity, which suits me best. That’s the coffee I usually choose for myself and also bring as a gift for others.

Your coffee ritual at home?

I have two of them. First one is a quick coffee ritual with the capsular NESPRESSO coffee machine. When I’m in a hurry, I just throw in a capsule, push the button and run through the door while quickly sipping. The second ritual is meant for my weekends, so naturally it’s way slower. I take my time and use a MOKA coffee maker, so I could enjoy the brewing process itself – the squeaking sound and running coffee…Then I have an opportunity to enjoy the whole coffee ritual, take in the smells and appreciate the start of my day.

Coffee ritual at work?

A standard option for people in a hurry – coffee via bean-to-cup coffee machine.

Your favourite coffee recipe?

Black coffee with a pinch of cinnamon on top. I really love cinnamon, that’s why I season almost everything with it, especially coffee. If it’s a hot summer’s day, I usually prefer iced coffee – a couple of ice cubes poured over with whipped almond milk, a shot of espresso and of course, a little bit of chocolate shavings for garnishing.

coffee-with-cinnamonIf not coffee, then…?

Water with lemon and lime.

Any unusual coffee habits?

I’m very unusually strict when it comes to the amount of coffee in my cup.There should be EXACTLY two fingers width left empty from the top of my cup! 🙂 If there’s more or less coffee in the cup – it doesn’t taste as good to me. So everyone who knows me very well, knows this golden rule. I think this is the only weird thing all my friends laugh at, but also respect.

Most interesting place you’ve enjoyed a cup of coffee?

Recently me and my friends took part in the bicycle race “Lithuanian Road Cup” („Lietuvos plento taurė“). And one thing we couldn’t paddle without all day was an electrical stove and a MOKA coffee maker 🙂 We’ve enjoyed brewing coffee one lap after another. Nobody else went above and beyond to brew coffee at the race, but some other cyclists joined us for a cup 🙂

Coffee is…

Coffee is a PAUSE, when I can simply relax and enjoy the moment. I don’t really like rushing, but even that sip of coffee running out the door is a half-minute pause, when you can slowly breath out and push the restart button in your head. If I’m alone or have a longer coffee break, I usually dedicate this pause to reflections, planning or just relaxing. When I’m with my friends, coffee rituals gives us the “pause” where every extraneous thing is put aside – it’s that quality time for each other that we cherish so much.